"IPS Mastermind has been an instrumental tool in the process of changing my business model and helped me to realize the value I can finally provide to my clients. I have gone from $175 per client to an average of $850 per client." 

-Michelle, IPS Mastermind member

  • Erin
    IPS Mastermind!!! The best you could get! Not only are you getting an overwhelming amount of information, you are getting it from different trainers. One system may work well for some but not others. Be here, you get it from MANY trainers . . . many businesses!!!
  • Michelle
    "I have been watching literally all day, taking lots of notes, and I already feel more confident about this step in my photography journey and in myself. If anyone is on the fence about signing up, sign up now! Honestly the best $35 I have spent"
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